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Chris Indich, MMA fighter, Western Australia

Chris 'The Savage' Indich
MMA fighter, Perth Western Australia
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(5-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC)

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June 2014

Fight night Auckland - details here

View Chris weigh-in only here (video will start at the right place after the ad)
Fight card here

April 2014

Perth fighter Chris Indich outclassed in UFC debut
Source: Sydney Morning Herald, LIAM DUCEY
Perth mixed martial arts fighter Chris Indich’s future with the UFC appears to be in doubt after he was outclassed by New South Wales fighter Richard Walsh in their clash at the Ultimate Fighter Live Finale in Quebec, Canada.
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TUF Nations Finale’s Chris Indich says mental strength in his favor vs. Walsh
Source: mma junkie - Matt Erickson and Mike Bohn
QUEBEC CITY – Chris Indich lost early on “The Ultimate Fighter: Nations,” but he impressed the UFC brass enough to get a shot at sticking around, anyway. Indich lost in the opening round of the welterweight bracket against Chad Laprise, who reached the finals. But the Australian said he turned that loss into an important learning experience he hopes pays off tonight.
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Perth Indich eager to prove that he belongs
Missing a flight is normally not a good thing, but when Chris Indich missed his departure from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on the way back home to Australia, he wasn’t complaining.
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Perth MMA fighter Chris Indich preparing for UFC debut
Source: Sydney Morning Herald LIAM DUCEY
On Thursday, Rockingham mixed martial arts fighter Chris Indich will have what is literally the fight of his life in front of 15,000 Canadian UFC fans and a huge television audience at the live finale of The Ultimate Fighter Nations. On the line will be what every fighter dreams of, a UFC contract, but to achieve that dream Indich will have to beat a team-mate, Sydney's Richard Walsh.
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Chris Indich "one, two's" history
Source: 6PR Radio
Perth’s very own Chris Indich is set to create history twice this week when he steps in to the Octagon in Canada for his first professional UFC match. Brett Bonetti spoke to Indich about becoming the first born and bred West Australian and first indigenous Australian to fight in the UFC. Chris faces fellow Team Australia cast member Richard Walsh this Thursday morning in Quebec City, Canada.
Listen online to the interview

Indigenous MMA athlete Chris Indich fighting for a UFC future at The Ultimate Fighter Nations finale
Source: Courier Mail, KRISTIN SHORTEN
FROM a port in Perth to a cage in Quebec, Chris Indich is fighting his way into sporting history. The 26-year-old is about to become Australia’s first indigenous Mixed Martial Arts athlete to compete at the top of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
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UFC lifeline for Indich
Source: The West Australian, LIAM CROY
Perth mixed martial arts fighter Chris Indich has been thrown a last-minute UFC lifeline and will fight in Canada next week. Last year, Indich was chosen to compete for a UFC contract on reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs Australia.
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Aussie Chris Chasing UFC history

Perth fighter Chris Indich gets UFC shot in Canada
Source: Sydney Morning Herald, WA Today LIAM DUCEY
Perth Mixed Martial Arts fighter Chris Indich's dream has come through, with the welterweight fighter earning a spot on the roster of the UFC, fighting on April 16 in Quebec City, Canada for the live finale of The Ultimate Fighter Nations.
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With Laprise-Aubin Mercier, Theodorou-Westcott finals, TUF Nations Finale lineup set
Source: MMA Junkie
With an all-Canada set of tournament finals, plus another pair of new matchups from the house, the TUF Nations Finale now is set for next week. Read more... 

Blog:TUF Nations Episode 10
Read episode 10 blog
TUF Nations cast member Chris Indich blogs each week exclusively for MMAjunkie.
Source: MMA Junkie
Being that this episode was a Canada vs. Canada fight, it was pretty much all based around Team Canada, which was pretty interesting from my perspective. Everyone seemed happy with the semifinal matchups chosen by Dana White, and Team Canada knew some members would eventually have to fight each other, which is exactly what happened with Kajan Johnson and Chad Laprise. I didn’t know about a lot of what went on with Team Canada behind the scenes until viewing the episode. Read more... 

Blog:TUF Nations Episode 9
Read episode 9 (recap) blog
TUF Nations cast member Chris Indich blogs each week exclusively for MMAjunkie.
Source: MMA Junkie
Guys, sorry I have been MIA the last couple of blogs. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy sorting out some things. Well, how was that last week? WOW, what a performance by Vik Grujic against Luke Harris. It was such a great performance. Vik just came out ready to scrap, and Luke’s head still appeared in the grandstands. Even though it was just a recap, I really enjoyed this episode. Read more... 

Article in Blitz Magazine
Australasian Martial Arts Magazine

Chris wins the Forza 5 driving challenge on Episode 8 TUF Nations
If you watched the show you would have seen me win the forza 5 driving challenge. And get the ride in the Ferrari and get the new Xbox one. Thanks Xbox and the UFC. Yeeewwww!!

Blog:TUF Nations Episode 6
Read episode 6 blog
TUF Nations cast member Chris Indich blogs each week exclusively for MMAjunkie.
Source: MMA Junkie
It was great for Richard Walsh to keep the momentum in our team and also great for “Filthy” Rich to get the win for himself. He put in a great showing getting the win without showing all his weapons and leaving the Canadians guessing with what he may bring to the table in his next bout. Read more... 

Chris was thrilled to be invited to be part of the first SBS Insight show for 2014 - 'Fight Club'.
More details here

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Blog:TUF Nations Episode 5
Read episode 5 blog
TUF Nations cast member Chris Indich blogs each week exclusively for MMAjunkie.
Source: MMA Junkie
So here we come, catching up to the Canadians! Great to get two wins on the board, and now we could feel that the moment for Team Australia was gaining and just needed to keep the ball rolling. The Canadians didn’t think that Tyler Manawaroa would beat Nordine Taleb, their “No. 1,” so to see their spirits deflated was somewhat satisfying, and we knew “Richy” (Richard Walsh) was going to put in a good performance against Matthew Desroches. Read more... 

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Blog:TUF Nations Episode 4
Read episode 4 blog
TUF Nations cast member Chris Indich blogs each week exclusively for MMAjunkie.
Source: MMA Junkie

So I ended up getting into it a little with Team Canada after my loss to Chad Laprise. I think at the time, it was just one of those things where I was still pumped up from the fight. I mentioned before that I had been hearing people talk s–t around the house, and I think it was just kind of getting to me. I think Nordine Taleb and Sheldon Westcott were some of the guys talking smack, and I just thought I’d call them out and let them know like Brendan O’Reilly said earlier that we were there to fight.. Read more... 

Blog:TUF Nations Episode 3 : Indich vs Laprise
Read episode 3 blog
TUF Nations cast member Chris Indich blogs each week exclusively for MMAjunkie.
Source: MMA Junkie

Watching on TV, that was not the fight I remembered in my head. But I could definitely see and now feel like I didn’t leave it all out there in the cage, which makes the loss cut even more deep. I know if I had left it all out there and lost, then I would just be like, “I got beat,” and that would be that. But I still had bullets in the chamber, so to speak. I picked a bad time to have a bad day. Read more... 


Blog:TUF Nations Episode 3
Recap from team-mate Brendan 'Badger' O'Reilly

Indich is a really remarkable guy and an athlete I have the utmost respect for. He’s come from a tough background, definitely no fairy tale, but he’s risen above the odds and is one of the most focused, humble and dedicated fighters I’ve ever met. What’s more, he’s proud of his indigenous heritage, and in my opinion is the greatest role model for young Indigenous kids in Australia who are looking for an athlete to aspire to be like. Forget the guys who get paid too much for doing too little—Indich is your man! I’m getting sidetracked here, but you can tell I’m a fan of “The Savage.”
Read more

Article: TUF Nations Chris Indich Iron Sharpens Iron
Source:MMA Aus

TUF Nations team Australia contestant Chris Indich caught up with MMA Aus to discuss his time inside the Ultimate Fighter house, leading up to his first fight with Canadian Chad Laprise, and the standard he become accustom to in 6 weeks. Read more...


Thanks to everyone who came down to Carbon.


Rockingham based and Australia's first indigenous MMA fighter currently contracted to the UFC Chris Indich takes on Canadian Chad Laprise in episode 3 of The Ultimate Fighter - Nations: Australia vs Canada showing at Carbon Sports Bar Thursday 30th January 1.30pm.

Chris will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans from 1pm and has dubbed the fight "the most exciting of the season so far".

The former WA state rugby player and Fremantle Port worker found his passion for martial arts as a kid watching Rocky and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies whilst growing up on the streets of Rockingham.

Nicknamed 'the Savage' by his childhood friends he is classified as a controlled grappler specialising in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and one day hopes to be the first Australian to fight inside the octagon in front of his hometown Perth where it is currently banned.

Chris is planning on travelling to the USA to train at the infamous 'Greg Jackson' camp alongside coach of the Australian team Kyle Noke and Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones as well as many other high profile MMA athletes.

Now pursuing his dream full time Chris is seeking enthusiastic sponsors to get on board and help make this a reality.

Come down and show your support for the local lad!

Details here

TUF Nations - Week 3 preview
Source: UFC official website
"Indich is a strong fighter with wins by both submission and TKO, although the ground game is likely his best plan of attack against a standup fighter such as Laprise. Indich has worked quite a bit in the past with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace Robert Drysdale, so his ground game is definitely on point if the fight hits the mat. Indich is a dark horse favorite to go a long way in this competition, but he didn't get any favors from the Canadian coach putting him up against arguably one of their strongest fighters in Laprise. " Read full article

Blog:TUF Nations Episode 2
Read episode 2 blog
TUF Nations cast member Chris Indich blogs each week exclusively for MMAjunkie.
Source: MMA Junkie

So damn, that sucked. Two losses in a row for Team Australia. It’s definitely not the way we wanted to start as a team, and from hearing and seeing the Canadian teams reviews and thoughts of us for the first times, they were already writing us off from the start. And you could definitely feel their cockiness vibe growing around the house, almost as if to say everything they were thinking was true. Read more... 

Video: TUF Nations: Episode 2 Preview
Source: UFC channel
Check out a preview of tonight's episode where Zein Saliba faces Elias Theodurou. It's going to be a showdown.


Article: Ultimate Challenge
Source: Kwinana Courier, Community Newspaper Group


Blog:TUF Nations Episode 1
Read the first blog
Source: MMA
TUF Nations cast member Chris Indich (5-1) blogs each week exclusively for MMAjunkie. The Team Australia welterweight takes readers behind the scenes of the FOX Sports 1-broadcast series, which airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

UFC reality star shines light on street violence
Former state rugby player Chris Indich has made the leap to mixed martial arts and is about to star in the sport’s biggest reality television show.
By Craig Quartermaine
Source: NITV News 

Chris Indich, Kajan Johnson are MMAjunkie’s ‘TUF Nations’ bloggers
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Are you TUF enough? Aussie fighters chase Ultimate Fighting dream in Sydney
By Adam Ireland
Source: MMA Kanvas NineMSN

Video: TUF Nations: Meet the Fighters
Source: UFC channel

Previewing the Favorites, Dark Horses of TUF Nations
By Riley Kontek

"Also, don't sleep on Chris Indich, as he could be the biggest surprise fighter of the season."

The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs Australia Cast
By David Knox
Source: Tv Tonight

(check out who they used as the main pic!!)

Noke to mentor next crop of UFC hopefuls
By Ben Walker
Source: Daily Liberal








Nickname: The Savage

From: Perth, Western Australia

Fights Out Of:
Perth, Western Australia

Age: 26

Height: 5' 10" ( 177 cm )

Weight: 170 lb ( 77 kg )


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